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This private initiative was created in response to critical medical problem seeking to encourage and stimulate discussions about cerebrovascular autoregulation, it‘s adaptability, evaluation methods and innovative techniques.

Cerebral autoregulation is defined as the relationship between cerebral blood flow and cerebral perfusion pressure. Complex neurohumoral processes are involved in myogenic and metabolic mechanisms to maintain cerebral blood flow at a constant level in the presence of fluctuating systemic and cerebral perfusion pressures. Despite advances in physiological measurement, there is no standard measurement of cerebral blood flow and quantifying cerebral autoregulation remains problematic. Cerebral autoregulation is impaired in traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid haemorrhage, so that cerebral blood flow becomes pressure-passive. Hypotension is associated with significant secondary neuronal damage following traumatic brain injury. Hypertensive emergencies represent failure of the upper autoregulatory threshold, often with devastating neurological consequences. The monitoring and treatment of autoregulatory failure remains limited and is essentially directed at maintaining an appropriate systemic blood pressure. Consequently, the use of strategies to manipulate cerebral perfusion requires care and circumspection.1

Reliable non-invasive methods of cerebral autoregulation monitoring would be clinically valuable in guiding neuroprotective hemodynamic management after cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, acute ischemic stroke, tumor, hematoma as well as infections of the central nervous system. 2 It may also be important in Alzheimer's disease 3 and many other conditions.




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